Latinas House Cleaning


Tips For Cleaning Your Attic

Have you been restless, thinking it’s time to clean out the Attic? I am trying to remember how long ago was the last time you were in this space. Because it sits on top of the house, it’s a place to keep things we temporarily don’t want or need but aren’t ready to give away or vote for.

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How To Clean And Disinfect A Sofa Correctly

The sofa is where you gather with your family and friends to watch movies, play games, and chat. Almost always with popcorn, drinks, and food. Because of this, crumbs often fall onto the cushions and get trapped in the middle of the dividers. Not to mention that juice or wine is sometimes accidentally spilled.

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Fall Cleaning

It’s fall, so how about getting started with spring cleaning?! While that may sound like a contradiction in terms, stop and think about it. Warm summer months means vacations away from home and more time spent outdoors. But while you were out enjoying yourself, dirt and grime didn’t take a vacation. They sat around the house, accumulating and multiplying. And, now, with the winter months ahead and the holiday seasons rushing in upon us, it’s an ideal time to get a thorough house cleaning under way!

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