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Tips for cleaning a washing machine

We know that washing machines are modern marvels. They remove dirt, stains, and bacteria and require little ongoing maintenance. However, over time, dirt and detergent build up in your machine, and putting your clothes in a dirty washing machine isn’t ideal; that’s where it goes to clean anyway.

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How to Clean Your Iron

Stop what you are doing. Run over to your iron and take a look at that heating plate. Is it gross? Chances are, there is a bit of buildup that you need to take care of. If you don’t, that buildup will often start to burn and stain your fabrics when you use the iron in steam mode. Here are some of our favorite easy tips and tricks to clean your iron at home before you resort to buying the expensive tube of iron cleaning cream (or a whole new iron).

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Some quick and easy stain removal tips

You are a hardworking and loving housewife, who wants the best for your family and home. However, when it comes to removing stains on clothes, it can often be time-consuming, when you could put that effort into doing other chores or indeed, relaxing. Stain removal can often take a lot of your precious time and identifying a stain on clothes or any household surface may seem like an added misery.

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