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How to Clean your Computer

Your computer is a magnet for dust, hair, dirt, and all kinds of well… gunk! To keep your computer working properly, it’s important to keep it clean. Dust builds up over time inside and on top of the components, clogging filters, reducing air circulation, and eventually causing overheating.

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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Trying to keep your house clean when you’re a pet owner can feel like an uphill battle. Between trips to the dog park in the pouring rain to mountain trails and local beaches, it’s nearly impossible to curb those muddy paw prints.

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Our best fridge cleaning tips

Lately, we’ve all become way more aware of the need to keep our homes clean and sanitized. Before you bring your freshly disinfected groceries to be put away in your refrigerator, why not give your fridge a deep clean and sanitization? It helps reduce wear and tear on your refrigerator and lets you organize all your fresh foods, so nothing gets lost in the back.

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