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Are you in search of a company to take care of all your cleaning service needs for your real estate or rental properties? It is an extremely common occurrence for renters to leave the household in anything but suitable condition, and that is why Latina’s House Cleaning offers such cleaning services to take care of this duty.

Our reliable and experienced team members only perform high quality work. The team at Latina’s House Cleaning will leave your property spotless and sparkling, ready for the next renter or new owner, guaranteed!

We work with many Nashville area realtors and property managers and have helped sell and rent hundreds of properties. One call or click by you and we will not only do the best job possible, but we will organize the jobs in the correct order, and send one invoice, easy peasy!

Benefits of Service

Few things can prevent or slow down the sale of your home like dirty doors and light switches! Conversely, few things can speed up the sale of your house like a sparkling, shiny, clean home.
  • We have specialty products to eliminate pet/smoke odors!
  • Our organizer will pack up and organize for you!.
  • We will prepare for your yard sale!
  • Organize your closets. Our organizer will check this off your list!
  • Close the lids to your toilets. This makes the room look complete!
  • Cabinets, doors, window sills. We do specialized restorative cleaning! This can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home.

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