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Tips For Cleaning a House With More

E-njoying a clean house with a fresh atmosphere, while enjoying your pets and allowing them to roam freely, is possible if you maintain good hygiene in the animal and keep your home clean. And those of us who love pets have to deal with the aromas that they emanate. Having a house that smells clean and living with animals is not always easy. And our little furry ones, when they come from the street, bring dust, dirt, lint and dirt in general. Therefore, no matter how neat you are, sometimes you will feel that your house does not smell good.

How To Keep A Clean House With A Dog Or Cat

First of all, we must make it clear that the body odor of dogs is much stronger than that of any other pet, and there are also breeds that smell more than others. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with their aromas, since there are viral diseases that produce more odor and it is advisable to attend to them in time.
There are also several things you can do to keep both your home and your pet clean. And these tips are useful for cleaning a house with cats, dogs or any other pet:
Clean carpets frequently: pay special attention to their care. Vacuum every two days to remove hair and dirt that cause odor. Once every fifteen days, brush them with a mixture of neutral soap and water or with vinegar.

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Control the color with anti-odor candles: there are anti-odor candles specially designed to combat dog aromas. You can turn it on daily for a little while while you enjoy your moment on the couch and blanket.
Antibacterial beds: the world of pet products has grown so much that you can find special antibacterial beds. They are undoubtedly a good idea to keep some causes of bad odor at bay. There is great cat furniture that will help you care for your pet.

If you let them climb onto the bed or chairs, keep in mind that you will have to shake these surfaces every day to remove any remaining hair. In addition, once a week carry out a more thorough cleaning by washing the bedding and armchairs.
Your diet also matters. In addition to paying attention to the cleanliness of your home and that of your pet, pay attention to the quality of the food you give them, make sure they are as natural and healthy as possible. This will make it easier for their digestion to be good and for odors to decrease.
How often to wash my dog ​​or cat’s bed: every 15 days wash their blankets, their bed and even the toys that your pet uses. Bacteria, drool, hair remains and dirt that may be brought in from the street accumulate there.
Ventilate daily: good ventilation is essential, so open the windows wide every morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, 5 minutes will be more than enough to recycle the air and eliminate bad odors.
How often to bathe my dog: It is true that it is not advisable to bathe dogs too frequently, but it should be done on average once a month (it depends on the breed and how delicate their skin is). Brush them once a week to remove hair and dead skin, brush their teeth, or give them special treats to clean them.
How to clean cat hair from my house: use either a damp towel or a hair roller and roll it from top to bottom. If there are a lot of hairs, it is better to use a hair removal glove first (the rubber kitchen scrubbers also work). Packing tape will also help, as will a sock: put it in your hand and run it over the garment. This way it will catch any hairs that are stuck.

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