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Tips For Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Cleaning the washing machine is not a simple task and at the same time it must be done. It is generally thought that since it is an appliance that you wash and that is usually in contact with soap and water, it is already clean. And this is not the case, the washing machine collects all the dirt from the clothes it has to wash and is in communion with the chemical products that we usually use to leave the clothes clean and scented, so it is not surprising that, even if you do not see it, it accumulates. dirt.
Some of the parts that are ignored for cleaning are the rubber of the washing machine, it should also be cleaned, this will allow the appliance to work better and the clothes to smell better.
How to clean the washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine in general is easy, the objective is to eliminate all traces of lime, soap and dirt that accumulate in this appliance, which is one of the most used in all homes. Lime wreaks havoc and it is necessary to remove it to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance.
A good product that we can use to clean the washing machine is vinegar. This is how our grandmothers and mothers have done it and their washing machines have lasted decade after decade and always worked correctly.

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To clean the washing machine you must buy a bottle of wine, apple or cleaning vinegar and apply it to both the washing machine drum and the drawers that distribute the detergent and fabric softener. Then you program one and a half wash cycles and let the vinegar act for that entire time.

With vinegar you will be able to eliminate limescale, remove soap residue and disinfect the drum and drawers.
With this way of cleaning the washing machine, you won’t even have to rinse it, since the rinse cycle will take care of this task and leave the appliance perfect. Once it is finished you can wash the clothes normally and without problems.

Additionally, you can remove the box before or after the previous wash and scrub it with a scouring pad soaked in vinegar and dish soap.
Then you put it back and, if you wish, remove the filter at the foot of the washing machine, which is where all the small solid things that the washing machine collects are stored, such as a coin, a button or a ring.

If you clean this way, you will have a clean and perfect washing machine to continue working for a long time.
The ideal is to clean the washing machine at least every six months, although this will depend on what you use and the hardness of the water in the area where you live, since the more limescale, the sooner you will have to repeat the process.

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