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Tips For Washing Sheets And Prolonging Their Life And Softness

Knowing how to wash sheets correctly can be complicated. Many times we do household chores automatically, however, we do not know if they are done correctly. One of them is how to wash the sheets so that they are hygienically clean.
In this blog we are going to tell you everything you need to know to do it so that the sheets are very clean and perfect.
Importance of knowing how to wash sheets

Knowing how to wash sheets is much more important than we might think. Frequent changes, like correct washing, are ways to take care of your health, the aesthetics of your home and the quality of the garments.
Durability of fabrics: learning to wash sheets correctly helps them last much longer and in better condition.

Sleep quality: Sleeping on fresh, clean sheets improves sleep quality as we relax much more in a clean and comfortable environment. This reduces the accumulated stress of the day, preparing us for a restful sleep.

Hygiene and health: Bacteria, viruses and microorganisms accumulate in the sheets that can cause skin and respiratory allergies and aggravate other pathologies.
Knowing how to wash sheets correctly will ensure that residue is removed correctly and does not accumulate between the fibers.

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Benefits of Clean Sheets

The benefits of washing sheets well are multiple, we reduce allergies, asthma and the possibility of aggravating eczema, rosacea or other skin pathologies.
We improve the appearance of our bedroom, since keeping the bedding in perfect condition will transform the spaces and make them more welcoming.
At the end of the day, the feeling of well-being increases when we sleep in a bed that smells clean and fresh.
Where do we start washing the sheets?

Check care labels

The first thing to do to know how to wash sheets correctly is to check the labels. Not all bedding should be cared for in the same way and it is important to know if the fabric you have in your hands needs any special care.

Separate the sheets

Once we know how to wash the sheets according to the labels, we will proceed to separate them, not all of them should go in the washing machine together.
Their colors will stay longer if they are separated, thus avoiding fading and transfers. Separating them from the rest of the laundry keeps them free from premature wear and prevents lint from rubbing against other clothes.

Pretreat stains

Identify the type of stains: there are stains that go away in the washing machine and others such as wine, blood or grease that do require a little help before washing

The washing

We break down the process to eliminate all doubts, stains and bacteria from your bedding.

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