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Steps To Clean And Maintain Your Refrigerator

It is important to keep the refrigerator clean and disinfected. Because it is in contact with food, it tends to get dirty very easily, spilled sauce, leftovers that stick, and vegetables that last longer than they should. This produces fungi and are dangerous, which when transferred to other foods can be harmful to health and also leave a bad smell.
Here we show you how to clean the refrigerator and what products to use.

1. Unplug Your Refrigerator

Ideally, you should clean with the doors open, and if you do this with the refrigerator connected to the power, you will consume a lot of energy and unnecessarily.

2. Take Out All The Food

Take advantage of those spaces at the end of the month where the refrigerator is practically empty or before shopping. Take out all the food to make cleanup easier for you.

3. Disassemble The Trays

You need to disassemble the pieces that are inside, this way you could access all the corners and clean each piece separately.

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4. Clean And Disinfect

For this you need a cleaner that also disinfects to eliminate possible batteries and fungi. For this, we recommend using a disinfectant that does not contain chlorine, which is ideal for surfaces that come into contact with food. You apply it to the walls, corners, doors and rubber bands with a damp cloth, let it sit for a few minutes and remove them with the cloth.

5. Clean The Trays And Other Parts

Do the same work as in the previous point, make sure to remove the stuck remains well.

6. Don’t Forget The Door Seals

This is where most dirt accumulates and fungus can also form with humidity. Clean this area using one of the cleaning brushes to access the most difficult corners.

7. Clean The Outside Of The Refrigerator

Pay special attention to the spaces where we open and close the door. It is also important that you clean the back of the refrigerator well, since a lot of dirt tends to accumulate that can end up damaging it and deteriorating its operation.
Once you have finished all the steps, replace all the pieces inside and the food that you had to remove. With this you now have your refrigerator clean, disinfected and safe for your food.

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