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How Do I Keep My House Clean With A Messy Family?

Keeping a house tidy is a battle that never ends. No matter how well you clean your house or how often, your home always gets messy.
When we try to have a clean house, we are fighting against the laws of the universe. For this reason, you need all the advice you can get. Latinas House Cleaning has you covered.
Whether you’re cleaning a house with a small child or multiple dirty pets, these tips will help you bring order to the mess.

1. Share The Workload

All family members should share the responsibility for household chores instead of just burdening the blame on one person. Divide chores fairly among everyone in the family who can help, including your children.
Household chores are life skills we all must have, so getting your kids used to starting early with ageappropriate chores is essential.

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2. Mess Happens: Clean Up Immediately

After a long day at work, you’re finally getting ready to relax when you hear a horrible noise and a thump. Disaster is inevitable whether your cat knocks over leftovers from the kitchen counter or your toddler throws his snack against the wall. The urge to ignore the sound or the growing pile of dishes in the sink is tempting, but you’ll regret it in the morning. So make it a rule: clean it up right away when a mess happens. Although you may have to work at it initially, cleaning up when a mess occurs becomes automatic over time. You’ll find yourself loading the dishes directly into the washer when you cook dinner instead of leaving them in the sink and wiping down the bathroom counter while you brush your teeth in the morning.

3. No Dirty Shoes (Or Pets) Allowed In The House

Everyone wants to know how to keep dirt from dogs and outdoor-loving kids out of the house. The answer is simple: don’t let them in! Well, let them in; you can’t just let the smaller members of your family run wild (right?), but only once the outer layers have been shed and the dirt wiped off their person.
Encourage this behavior by making a no-shoes rule in the house and posting a sign if necessary. Please clean your pet’s paws every time you come in, as they can’t do it themselves. We also recommend placing cleaning cloths, wipes, a shoe rack, and easy-to-wash rugs at entrances and exits to catch dirt before it enters.

4. Follow The 15 Minute Rule

Routine cleaning prevents your home from turning into an overwhelming mess, requiring a full day of housework. At the beginning or end of each day, put on your favorite playlist, set a timer, and spend 15 minutes tidying up. Put away blankets and mail, fluff up sofa cushions, sweep up dirt, or do whatever little chores you need to get done. Try to have fun while you do it by dancing to your favorite songs!

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