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6 Important Tips For Cleaning Floors

Keeping floors clean is important to have a clean, tidy and odor-free home. The floor is one of the areas that accumulates the most dirt, due to pedestrian traffic. When you have children and pets, clutter and dirt can accumulate even more.
Whether you have hard surfaces or carpeted areas, we’ll give you several essential floor cleaning tips to help keep your floors looking like new.
1. Clean Up Spills And Stains

An effective way to clean stains is with old-fashioned mopping. You can choose the mop of your preference. The more resistant the mop is, the better, depending on the hardness of the stain. The string mop is always a good option for dirt stains and large spills, as it absorbs the liquid immediately and covers large areas at once.

For stubborn stains, buff by going over the mop threads and scraping the stain until it comes off.

2. Design The Welcome Mat

A barrier against exterior dirt and mud is by placing a rug or runner on the front and back doors. It may seem old-fashioned, however, it is a great way to remove excess dirt from shoes. Teach your children to rub their feet on the carpet before entering your home to help reduce dirt and mud even more.

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3. Vacuum Regularly

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in your grooming kit. Quick and effective, regular vacuuming cleans up dirt, dust, pet hair and common allergens like pollen and mold spores, leaving your home spotless and bacteria-free. It is recommended that vacuuming once or twice a week is sufficient, but in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen and living room, you may need to vacuum more frequently. Vacuum the house once a week with a detailed cleaning, focusing on carpets, baseboards, sofas and bedding.

4. Dry Mop Laminate Floors

Laminate floors should be cleaned and treated differently than other floor surfaces. You should never put wax or floor liquid on laminate surfaces as moisture will seep under the boards and ruin the laminate. Instead, it’s easy to clean laminate floors by using a dry mop and vacuuming regularly. For stains or dirt marks, use only a damp cloth and carefully remove the dirt.

5. Use A Natural Vinegar Solution To Deodorize Mats

Using a vinegar solution is a great way to remove odors from carpets. I simply filled an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and sprayed on stains or smelly surfaces. This solution is also useful as a final step after cleaning up pet accidents, completely eliminating lingering odors from the area. Spray the solution evenly as you go and then let the area dry and then vacuum.

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