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Tips For Cleaning Fabric Furniture

It is important to constantly check the condition of your furniture. Furniture is one of the most important things in our cleaning tasks, if we take into account that we spend a large amount of time sharing there, especially on dates of novenas and family gatherings.
If you have never cleaned your furniture, you know that it is not an easy task as it seems. Removing stains, mites and dirt from these furniture is a household task that we recommend you do periodically.
Here we are going to give you several homemade tips that will help you when cleaning your fabric furniture. With easy-to-find items, give life to your home again.
1. First Clean The Dust From Your Fabric Furniture

The first thing to do when starting to clean your furniture is to remove any dust and dirt that may be on it. You can use a vacuum cleaner, or a soft brush with which you can gently sweep the fabric. Remember not to forget this step so that the powder does not mix with the water and other elements you use in cleaning.

2. Soap And Water, In Just The Right Amount To Clean Fabric Furniture

For home cleaning of furniture, less is more. We recommend mixing 4 liters of water with a small spoonful of liquid soap or chlorine-free stain remover soap. It is important that you do not exceed the amount of soap, since it is difficult to remove this product from the fabric later.

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3. Avoid Excess Moisture When Cleaning Your Fabric Furniture

When you have the soapy water mixture, submerge a white cloth that is soft and completely clean. Then wring this fabric very well until you see that it is not releasing any traces of water. You should barely feel the humidity on the cloth, it should not be dripping with water drops that could wet your furniture more than desired.

4. Clean Fabric Furniture Completely, Not Just Stains

When you have the damp cloth, you are going to begin to pass it delicately and evenly over the entire fabric of the furniture. We recommend that you make horizontal or vertical movements that cover the entire surface, without neglecting any area of the fabric. It is important that you do this step slowly, without neglecting details. If you only clean the stains on your fabric furniture, it is very possible that when it is dry you will see how the color has changed in this area compared to the rest of the furniture, since you have only removed the dirt there.

5. Wash The Cloth And Start The Process, Now Without Soap

After doing a first cleaning, you should do other passes, but now without using soap. Wash the cloth that you were using to remove all the dirt that has been absorbed from the fabric furniture, immerse it in clean water and wring it again until there is no water residue left. Remember that the cloth should be barely damp when you wipe it over the surface of the fabric furniture. Perform this step only with water at least 2 times, in order to remove the soap from the first pass and any dirt that may remain. It is very important to keep in mind not to overuse the use of soap and water, as stains could remain on the fabric after drying. At the end, wipe with a completely dry cloth to absorb excess moisture on the fabric.

6. After Cleaning Fabric Furniture, Dry It

Find a dry, shady place with very good ventilation, you will see how your furniture will be dry and looking new in a few minutes. With these tips you will have removed the surface dirt from your fabric furniture.

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