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Tips To Keep Windows Clean For Longer

Clean windows are important to the overall aesthetic of your home and provide clear views of the outdoors.
However, keeping your windows sparkling clean all year round can be time-consuming. It is important to know various cleaning techniques to ensure that your glass stays clean for longer.
It may cost you some money, investing in quality products makes window cleaning easier. Here we are going to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your windows clean for longer.

1. Importance Of Having Clean Windows

Clean windows allow you to see a beautiful view and create the impression that your home is in good condition. Plus, clean windows let in more natural light and reduce energy costs. Having clean windows reduces the buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris that can damage the glass.

2. How To Clean Windows The Right Way

Cleaning your windows the right way is important to maintain a clean and clear view. You can start by using the vacuum cleaner or a duster to remove dust from the window sill frames, then use a damp cloth to clean the glass. Use soap and water if necessary, but do not leave residue or streaks. Then, dry your windows with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.

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3. The Best Window Cleaning Products

Look for cleaning products that are specially designed for windows and do not leave streaks. Various window cleaning products are currently available in the market from cleaning sprays and wipes to squeegees and mops that ensure your windows stay cleaner for longer. You can also use a water-repellent glass coating that cleans and seals the glass, keeping dirt and hard water stains out for longer.

4. How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Windows

Over time, dirt and dust can build up on the outside of your windows and form stubborn stains. It is important to clean these stains as soon as possible because they can be difficult to remove once they have set.
Remove stubborn stains with a vinegar and water solution.
Mix one part white vinegar with four parts warm water in a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the stained areas. Let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it with a clean cloth or sponge. Another option is to use a glass cleaner and a little elbow grease available at several stores. These products are effective, but it is best to use them without putting too much pressure on the glass.
Keeping windows clean is essential to have a pleasant view and maintain their condition. You can do the cleaning with the proper technique and equipment. A clean house with dirty windows will not look attractive, so keep an eye on them and clean them regularly. Apply these tips to keep your windows clean longer, if necessary remember to invest in quality products and hire a professional window cleaner.

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