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Tips To Disinfect The Bathroom Effectively

Disinfecting the bathroom is a hygienic necessity. Since fungi and bacteria can reach our home or office.
There are several reasons why bathrooms are places susceptible to the visit of microorganisms, they are humidity and lack of cleanliness. Don’t worry, here we are going to teach you how to put a face to them.
Next, we are going to tell you the best tips for disinfecting the bathroom.
The first thing you should get ready are the gloves. This should always be the first step when disinfecting the bathroom.

Tricks To Disinfect The Toilet

It is important to clean the bathroom daily and disinfect it once a week. In the case of high-traffic places such as businesses or offices, daily cleaning should be done more thoroughly.There are several interesting options. One is to add a small dose of ammonia and spread it, using a brush to clean. Then we remove the moisture with a damp cloth and then let it dry.
Another option is to use baking soda. If you sprinkle it and let it act for half an hour, you will see results quickly.
Finally, apple cider vinegar is also effective. This product is one of the best home remedies to clean the toilet bowl.

Tricks To Disinfect Tiles

Most bathrooms are tiled. They do not need a daily review, however, once a month they must be thoroughly cleaned. It is important to scrub them with a sponge covered in soap. Subsequently, remove the soap with a damp cloth or bath sponge and remove the moisture with a dry cloth. How many times it is cleaned does not affect the design.

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Tricks To Disinfect Showers And Bathtubs

The best option is to clean with vinegar. Mixing this liquid with hot water removes remains with great effectiveness. For rust it is also interesting to use salt and lemon.
Another fundamental point is to remove hair from the drain. You have to do it with tweezers or some elongated object. Afterwards you must apply a specialized cleaner and rinse with hot water. It will depend on the amount of hair you generate, but once a month is recommended.

Tricks To Disinfect Mirrors

Cleaning mirrors is essential to eliminate bacteria. A first cleaning should be done with a dry cloth and a subsequent cleaning with vinegar, ammonia, alcohol or starch.
Disinfecting towels are very quick and can be easily purchased. Another detail that is not taken into account is defogging the mirror. This prevents lint from sticking. For this you can use a hair dryer.

How To Disinfect Faucets?

Lemon is very useful to eliminate fungi, bacteria and traces of lime. Cut one in half, then rub it through the faucet and finally rinse with medium temperature water.

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