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Tips To Always Have A Dust-Free Home

If you feel like you are constantly fighting dust. If you see it building up quickly after you finish cleaning the dust, don’t worry, we have good news. It is possible to reduce the amount of dust your home produces and prevent it from accumulating.
Here we are going to give you several tips that can help you stay as dust-free as possible and make cleaning less time-consuming.

 1. Remove Dust With Microfiber Cloths

If you regularly dust with a duster or rags from old shirts, it is recommended to change them to microfiber cloths, as dusters and cotton cloths tend to push dust around, while microfiber material is made up of small wedges that trap dust and dirt. Additionally, microfiber cloths leave fewer streaks and residue.

2. Use A Vacuum Cleaner With A HEPA Filter Weekly

Vacuum cleaners with HEPAor high-efficiency particulate air filters are recommended for people with dust allergies, as they trap molecules and air that come in so they don’t come out again. Airing and vacuuming at least once a week helps prevent too much dust from accumulating.

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3. Change Your Blinds

Slat blinds tend to collect a lot of dust and are difficult to clean, if you are in a place where there is a lot of dust you may want to make the decision to switch to window treatments that are lightweight and easier to clean. Washable synthetic curtains or wipeable roller shades are recommended, but if you like blinds more be sure to clean and vacuum them once a week.

4. Declutter And Reduce Consumption Of Trinkets And Textiles

The more stuff you have lying around, the more dust it tends to accumulate and the longer it will take to get rid of it. In the case of textiles, fabrics tend to accumulate dust, but also produce it. Human skin, particles and textile fibers are the biggest offenders. Reducing the use of items makes things easier for you.

5. Change Your Sheets Every Week

Fabrics tend to accumulate and with bedding, skin particles generate a lot of dust, that is why it is important to keep sheets and bedding as clean as possible, it is important to keep dust under control. It is recommended to wash sheets every week and clean duvets, pillows and mattress protectors regularly.

6. Keep Your Houseplants Clean

If you like plants and have vegetation everywhere, it is also important to keep in mind that your plants can also accumulate dust. Keep your plant friends dust-free by checking them monthly with a microfiber cloth.

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