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How To Remove Carpet Stains

Simple ways to keep your carpets clean with items found in kitchen cabinets.

If you have carpet in your home, chances are that at some time or another you will need to learn some carpet stain removal tips. Carpeting is quite an investment for most people so they want to keep it looking clean and neat for as long as possible. Throw kids in the mix with your carpets and you will be looking at stains that you could have never imagined. From crayons to kool-aid to mud, you are sure to have stains that seem as if they are never going to come out. Never fear! There are ways to keep your carpets clean and neat, no matter how many children you have!

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Ways to Prevent Those Nasty Carpet Stains:

Most carpeting sold these days comes with a stain-resistant coating on it to help prevent any stains from setting in, but this does not mean that your carpeting is going to stay beautiful without any work. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent stains.
• Put rugs at all of the entrances for people to wipe their feet. This helps to remove some of the dirt and debris that can be transferred to your carpets.
• Vacuum your carpets often.
• Reevaluate eating and drinking in rooms where you have carpet. Food and drink stains are the most commonly seen carpet stains.

Carpet Stain Removal Tools of the Trade

Preparation is the key to keeping your carpets as clean as possible. Having some basic stain removers on hand will enable you to treat stains as they occur so that they do not set into your carpeting. Some of these items will be normal, everyday items that you keep on your kitchen shelves and some of the items you may have to purchase, but if you prepare, then you will be ready for any kind of stain!

Club soda

This works particularly well if you catch it early, but can be effective even on the old kool-aid stain, as soon as possible will work to bring the stain out of your carpet completely. pour a generous amount of club soda onto the stain, let it fizz, and blot it up again with a clean dry towel. repeat until the stain is gone.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is a bit riskier. pour the peroxide over a small portion of the stain and wait 15 minutes and blot. check and make sure it doesn’t lighten your carpet and if it does not, proceed to pour peroxide over the entire stain and wait another 15 min.

Undiluted lemon juice

Like the hydrogen peroxide, you are going to want to test a spot on your carpet before completely dousing the stain in lemon juice. it may lighten your carpet. if not, pour over the stain and let sit for 5-10 min. take a sponge and blot clean. if the stain is stubborn and is still not completely removed, try mixing the lemon juice with detergent. mix equal parts water and lemon juice with a splash of detergent in a spray bottle. shake and spray.

Ammonia and hot water

Mix a 1:1 ration of ammonia and hot water in a spray bottle. make enough to coat the stain at least once but preferably 2-3 times. take a white towel and place it over the stain. go over the towel with iron on its highest setting and watch the stain transfer! it may take 5 or 6 times over the stain for it to completely disappear. it even works on old stains, but try to work as soon as possible. still take the time to test an area of your carpet to make sure you don’t melt or scorch your carpet.

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