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Steps To Clean Your Gas Stove

When the kitchen is clean, it is like a blank canvas for an artist, where you feel joy and endless possibilities for cooking. So don’t let grease or dust take over your kitchen; remove that feeling.
Keeping household appliances in good condition is not a difficult task. The most important thing is that every time you cook, you clean the fat so that it does not adhere, and in this way, you can clean much more accessible.

1. Security

You should first check that the gas appliance and surfaces are completely cold and the knobs are completely turned off.

2. Disassembly

Remove all parts of the stove, such as the top grates, burner caps, and burners, to make cleaning more manageable. Next, start cleaning up any food particles you find on the surface.

Place all the stove parts in the sink, and later we will clean them.

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3. Degrease

Put the stove grates in the sink and soak them with a degreaser or make a dish soap mixture. This helps the grease soften up, and you don’t have to scrub as much.
Let the parts soak for about 15 to 20 minutes while you clean the stove’s surface.

4. Degrease The Stove

Apply the degreaser to the stove’s surface and give it a few minutes for the degreaser to take effect. Then use a soft scourer to scrub and clean with a cloth to remove grease and dirt. If the surface has a grease buildup, you can repeat the process several times to ensure that the stove is spotless.

5. Adhering To Dirt

Suppose you find places where the food is completely stuck. You can try a nylon scrub brush or an old toothbrush. First, make sure it will stay on the surface. Then, work the degreaser and brush into all corners to loosen any dirt.
If the dirt is still stuck with the brush, try a new razor blade to remove the dirt. Take care not to remove paint from the surface. Take the time to remove any particles loosened by the degreaser and if there are places where it is not 100 percent released.

Do not worry. We are going to tell you a trick to cover some imperfections.

6. Final Polish

Once you’ve degreased, please give it a final touch and wipe off any excess degreaser. Wipe until completely dry, then apply glass cleaner. Once everything is clean, go to the next step.

7. Clean The Grates

Once the grates are in the degreaser, wash them in hot water to remove all the grease. Then scrub the grates and burner caps with a toothbrush and apply a degreaser to keep them clean.
Once all this is clean, place it on top of a towel, and ensure it’s scorched before putting all the parts on the stove.

You are finally ready to place all the parts on the stove and start making and enjoying a great dinner.


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