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Move-In – Move Out Cleaning

Now you have all your things packed the house is empty and looks totally different, sometimes we think that all the house is clean until we move everything, now is the perfect time to clean all the surface in the old house as well in the new one.

There is no furniture at all and all the floor is empty so is the perfect time to clean it, in the new house take advantage and make a deep cleaning.

When should I start?

Use a wipe to clean the dust from walls, and doors, after that sweep and mop, like the room and house are totally empty it would be much easier to do it.
Before putting in all the furniture inside make sure that you clean them. If you consider painting the walls, is a perfect time.


This is the perfect time to throw away all the things that you use to accumulate but you do not use, this applies to everything: clothes, decorative objects, shoes, etc.
Use boxes separate by room and label it, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. also try to place all the delicate objects in a separate one, and watch out when the personnel are placing the boxes inside the truck.

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Is a good idea to disinfect the surfaces: floors, doors, shelves, and others? Before placing everything. Use the products that you like the most make sure that you follow the instructions, some of these products can not be mixed or are dangerous.
Once you finish of disinfect wash your hands with water and soap, remember to wear gloves.


If is possible one day or some hours before starting to move in, open the windows and let the air circulate this will help to freshen the air and also to dissipate any odor.

From up to down

This can be something that sounds obvious but you should start by the high level of the house so you can pack everything and clean and you will not have to go there to move the rest of the things. Once you finish packing and cleaning any room close the door so you know that is done.


Not everyone has the time and patience to pack and clean everything, and a move out can be a total nightmare, if you are this kind of person do not stress yourself hire a company that could help you with all this labor so you will start in a new place and it will be a satisfying experience for you.
Take into account that you should have a couple of days before everything will be done in the new and in the old house so do not pretend that this can act as a kind of magic. Take it easy, ask for help and do it step by step.

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