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How To Preserve And Clean Wooden Floors?

With these four recommendations you will learn how to clean, care for and preserve wooden floors, one of the quintessential home elements. Find out what hardwood floor cleaning products to use, how to protect it from damage, what to do to repair scratches and scratches, and how to make your hardwood floor last longer.
The wooden floor increases the warmth of the home, so it is important to keep it in perfect condition. This is a type of floor with a lot of resistance and durability that you can place both indoors and outdoors and, although it requires proper maintenance to look like new, you can resort to home remedies to maintain the shine on wooden floors. Don’t miss these recommendations on how to clean and care for hardwood floors so they look impeccable.

Pre-Protect Wooden Floors To Prevent Damage

Some of the most common damages to hardwood floors are scratches, scuffs, and scuffs. To preserve it, place rugs and leg protectors on heavy furniture. When moving furniture, you need to lift it off the floor without letting it drag. This way you will avoid leaving marks that damage the material.
To prevent damage to your hardwood floor when you have guests over, ask them to remove their shoes. Mud stains and wet shoes can leave permanent marks on hardwood floors.

Use Cleaning Products Specially Formulated For Wood

A wooden floor cleaner will be your great ally for household chores. Products formulated for wood preserve the material because they are free of harmful chemicals and are easy to use.
When using a hardwood floor cleaner, read the label to follow the instructions for use correctly. Additionally, we recommend using a microfiber mop to keep the surface free of dust and bacteria that may accumulate.

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Easily Restore Scratches And Scuffs On Your Hardwood Floor

Start by cleaning the scratch area around your hardwood floor. Next, it is important to dust the entire area. To work on scratches, there is a homemade solution that is made by mixing equal parts of apple cider vinegar with olive oil in a cup. Cover the scratch with the mixture and let it sit for a day.
Another method to restore and repair a minor hardwood floor scratch is to turn to scratch removal markers.
Find the right color for your floor and use it on the most visible damaged areas.

What Do We Recommend For Cleaning Your Floors?

Cleaning and caring for your hardwood floor to give it a long life is easier than you think. To keep it dust-free, use a microfiber mop and wipe it dry daily. For a better finish, apply special enamels for wooden floors.

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