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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean in 5 Minutes a Day

Keeping your bathroom sanitary doesn’t have to be a chore. With the proper cleaning techniques, you can enjoy a sparkling bathroom without spending all day cleaning. Here are six cleaning tips for a fresh bathroom:

1. Simplify the decor

Pretty is as pretty does. However, if the decorations in your bathroom take up your time in straightening, dusting, and other maintenance, you might consider downsizing. A bare-bones bathroom is less cluttered and, therefore, easier to clean. Also, you don’t have to throw it all out; find items that don’t demand your time or care.

2. Adopt an Organizational System

Make medicine cabinets and storage space manageable by implementing organizational tips. Start by pulling out the products taking up space in your cabinets that you no longer use or need.

You can then section off drawers, use dividers or add baskets to help categorize and organize everyday bathroom essentials like toilet paper, towels, hygiene products, and cosmetic items.

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3. Remove kid stuff that’s just taking up space

If you’ve got bath toys coming out of your ears, consider paring down. Can’t part with the collection? Relegate some of them to the beach or park bag for play in another venue. Stow the best of the best bath toys in an easy-to-clean-up way.

4. Lock the door

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. The last five homes we’ve lived in have had 3-4 bathrooms, way more than we’ve needed most of the time. So when convenient, I’ve cleaned a seldom-used bathroom and locked the door behind me. This consolidated usage to other toilets and freed me from cleaning at least the bathroom each week.

5. Add Functional Elements

Evaluate your bathroom area before spending more energy to keep it clean than necessary. What makes your bathroom seem constantly unkempt? You can change the room’s design by swapping an outdated vinyl or aluminum shower frame for a modern glass frameless enclosure to give the room an open and clean feel.

Minor upgrades can revamp the appearance of your bathroom by bringing an effortless quality to it. New elements help spruce up space, so it doesn’t look worn and dull.

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