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How to get the smell of smoke out of your house

Smoke creates one of the longest lingering household odors out there, and the health effects of third-hand smoke inhalation are not yet fully understood. Cigarette smoke or smoke from a fire permeates fabrics and carpeting and coats the walls, leaving a film and odor. Complete removal of stubborn smoke smell is time-consuming and requires multiple steps. You’ll remove a potential health hazard and create a more enjoyable or tolerable living space, however, by removing all traces of smoke from walls and carpets.

Purifying the Air.

Run an air purifier on the highest setting for several days. Fill an oil diffuser with water and add 15 drops of citrus oil. Run the diffuser continuously until the water has evaporated.

Open all windows.

Get some fresh air into the mix, and help remove the smoke. Do this by opening all the windows in your home, and if you have any available, turn on a few fans. This will help start the air circulating and help to force the smoke and odor out of the home. Keep the windows open while you continue with the remaining steps.

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Boil some lemon and cloves.

Get a medium sized pot, and fill it with some water. Place it onto your oven, and turn the heat up to high, until it starts to boil. While you are waiting for the water to boil, cut up one large lemon into thin slices. Set the lemon slices to the side, and get a large handful of cloves. Put both the lemons and the cloves into the boiling water, and then reduce the temperature. Allow the mixture to simmer for about twenty minutes, and you should notice that odor of burnt food and smoke is gone.

Use some fresheners.

Use some air fresheners to help mask or remove the odor. Keep in mind that you may need to use quite a bit of the stuff, but it can be helpful to remove the odor if you use it in conjunction with the other methods listed here. However, if you or a member of your family happens to have allergies, you may not want to use this particular step.

Cleaning the carpets

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Equip the hose with the narrow wand attachment and vacuum the edges of the carpet. Sprinkle a generous coating of baking soda over the entire surface of the carpet and allow it to sit overnight. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Fill a spray bottle with water and add 30 drops of high-quality citrus essential oil. Spritz the carpet lightly.

Attacking the Walls

Wet a rag with all-purpose cleaner and wipe down each wall. Mix 1/2 gallon of white vinegar with 1/2 gallon of water. Wet a clean rag with the mixture and wipe down the walls again. Repeat if there are streaks of discoloration.

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