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How To Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move In

Moving into a new place is an exciting moment, but it comes with a lot of work to turn the empty house into your home. Something you may want to consider while the new house is still empty is to give it a move in deep cleaning. The house will most likely be clean, but while it has no furniture you can give it that extra little effort to make it clean to the core.  While the people who moved out of your new house probably gave it a cleaning, there is certainly dirt and grime hiding in obvious and hidden places that got missed. It is smart to make the extra effort to get all that dirt from old residents out and start fresh and clean.

There just will not be another opportunity with the house totally empty to really get a complete and total move in cleaning done. If moving is taking all of your energy, move in house cleaning services are available and can help to make sure your new home is absolutely ready to welcome you. A move in cleaning might not seem important compared with other parts of moving, but getting your new home spotless before you are living there can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home. A lot of folks do not know how to accomplish a thorough move in cleaning, so in this blog, we will explore some techniques for making sure that your new home is invitingly clean.


It can often be confusing knowing where to start cleaning, but before you do you will need to do some prep to make sure your home is in order. This involves making sure that you check for any surface damage to walls of fixtures in your new home. Repairing these before you move out will make it much easier to move things in and clean your home. We have put together a list of things you should do before you start cleaning.

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This is one of the areas that will likely need a good clean before you move in but you might not know where to start with the clean. You should make sure that everything gets a good clean and prepare for some touch-up work so you don’t have to do it at a later date. We have put together a checklist for cleaning the bathroom that should help you get the job done;
• Clean any extractor fans first as these can contain a lot of dust and cause a mess
• Apply a grout cleaner early and give this time to soak in
• Next, you should give the walls, doors and fixtures a good clean using an all-purpose cleaner
• Scrub the bath to make sure you get rid of any dirt
• Clean the toilet using a specialised cleaner, make sure you clean the base too
• Vacuum the floor to get rid of any loose dirt and dust before mopping


Another area of the house that might’ve been neglected is the Kitchen, so you should make sure you have time for kitchen cleaning. There are plenty of things in the kitchen that are likely to have not been cleaned in a while and will need some attention. Our kitchen cleaning checklist includes everything you should consider when cleaning;
• The oven will more than likely have been neglected, so give this a thorough clean
• If your new home came with any appliances included, then you should give these a thorough clean inside and out
• This includes fridges, microwaves, freezers and any other appliances
• If you are bringing your own appliances, give these a clean too before you turn them on
• Make sure to scrub countertops to ensure they are clean and free from germs
• Lastly, vacuum and mop the floors to remove any loose dirt


One of the last areas of your new home that you should make sure you clean is the bedrooms to make sure they’re ready to move into. This shouldn’t usually require as much cleaning as the other areas but you should give them a clean before moving your belongings in. Follow our checklist for cleaning bedrooms;
• Dust the bedroom over to remove any dirt, paying attention to window sills and doors
• If there is built-in furniture make sure you give the shelves inside a good clean
• Make sure you give the windows a clean as these will likely have been missed
• Finish by giving the floors a good clean


There are also a few last bits that you should think about before you start moving your belongings into the new home. If you have any carpets in your house, then now is the perfect time to give them a good deep clean so that you don’t have to do this later. The carpets are more than likely to have not been cleaned for a while so give these some attention. Although not essential, cleaning outdoors can also really complete your clean ready to move in. Give the outdoor windows a clean, or find a local window cleaner to do it for you.

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