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Cleaning Tips that Will Help Reduce Your Dust

1. Clean Every Day: Even in a small space, cleaning is needed. Cleaning every day means spending 10-15 minutes running around and picking things up from the daily use of your home. On the other hand cleaning once a week, or every two weeks means an all-day affair filled with dread and/or guilt. If you’re not into it, set a kitchen timer and just work for 10 minutes and then go back to other things and call it good.

2. Leave Your Shoes At The Door: Our shoes contribute the largest amount of dust, dirt, and grime in our home. Making a habit of leaving them at the door when you enter (even if it means leaving your slippers there to trade out) is a great way to not track new dust in and contain it to one location.

3. Your bedding: should be washed once a week, if possible. Flakes of dead skin gather on the sheets and, whenever you move or make the bed, that dead skin gets shot into the air and eventually turns into dust. But cleaning your bedding prevents flakes of dead skin from getting all over your home!

4. Try to keep your closet floor empty of anything: Closets are full of fibers and hairs from all your shedding clothes, and all that falls to the ground and eventually turns into dust. If you keep your closet floor clean, you can vacuum quickly and the dust will never escape!

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5. Don’t just use an old rag or a ratty shirt to dust: Put a little money into a microfiber duster, which is a lot more effective in picking up and grabbing dust. You can get wet or dry dusters, depending on your preference.

6. Wipe Your Pet’s Feet: Being the owner of 2 dogs… both of whom delight greatly in becoming as dirty as humanly (or um canine) possible, we understand the need for this rule. We also understand what a pain in the butt it is to accomplish. When you walk an animal 5 times a day, plus two trips to the park, times 8 feet… it’s a dedication thing. If you aren’t into keeping a towel by the door to wipe off paws, try a plush mat or rug outside your door to help catch falling debris before it ends up on your sofa or the personal favorite in our household — in the bed!

7. Have Supplies Handy: Cleaning for 10 minutes a day isn’t daunting when you don’t spend 10 minutes looking for your cleaners and clean towels. Making sure supplies are returned to the same location each time means easy to use and also peace of mind.

8. Heater and AC filters: While heater and AC filters are great at catching dust and other debris, if they aren’t cleaned and replaced every so often, they become useless. Some suggest changing it about once a month, but that also depends on how much stuff you have floating in the air around your home. Just remember that they should be changed and clean to help prevent dust.

9. Music, Music, Music: At any given point in time, no matter how dirty our apartment is, all it takes is one side of a record to tidy up. It might be due to the fact that we’re taking care of daily chores, but usually, it’s because cleaning is far more entertaining and energizing when you’re prancing to Material Girl and shaking your groove thang. Yeah, it’s not pretty, but it works.