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6 Tips For Cleaning A House With Pets

You have a pet? If you said yes, wear and tear on your furniture is inevitable. Urine, vomit, claw marks, your coffee table chewed up, etc. If you’ve had a dog or cat for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen all of this. But, you can avoid the worst with some basic furniture protection and care measures. Here we are going to tell you.
1. Place Blankets On Your furniture

You can put them on any furniture that your pet likes. When the blanket gets dirty or covered in hair, you can shake it out and put it in the washing machine. Plus, since there are so many colors and styles to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find some that match your decor.
Water- and stain-resistant furniture covers are also an option.

2. Brush Your Pet

What does this have to do with furniture? Well, pets that are brushed regularly will leave less hair on furniture. Also, you should cut their nails, in case they try to tear your new couch (especially cats). Make sure you find a brush that is right for your pet.

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3. Clean Up After Your Pets Immediately

If your cat or dog has an accident on your couch, drop everything and grab the enzymatic cleaner. Acting quickly is the best way to ensure the mess doesn’t soak into the fabric. Also, it is one of your best defenses to prevent your pet from soiling that same place repeatedly.

4. Reconsider The Bathroom Situation

Do this especially if soiling furniture is an ongoing problem. A cat’s litter box should be private but not closed. Dogs should have the opportunity to go outside regularly.
If accidents occur despite proper training and preparation, then you should take your pet to the vet so the possibility of a medical condition can be ruled out.

5. Provide Appropriate Stimulation

Your cat or dog is less likely to damage your furniture if they have outlets for normal behavior. For a cat, this means a sturdy scratching post and access to a window so they can see outside. Dogs need daily walks and chew toys. All pets need positive reinforcement and affection.

6. Clean Regularly

The longer hair sits on a cushion, the more likely it is to become embedded in the fabric. Vacuuming reduces this. Many vacuum cleaners come with pet hair attachments, or you can get a handheld device designed specifically for the job.
Also, be sure to regularly wash all washable items, such as the cover you have for your sofa. This will help prevent those lovely pet odors from permanently permeating your furniture.

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