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6 Quick Tricks To Clean Your Home Office

We don’t sit at the desk for long periods; we often do more than work, like sneezing, coughing, and chewing. For this reason, we should not be surprised that this place has become a culture of microbes. So whether you use your office a little or a lot, you need to worry about regular cleaning of your work site.

Keeping your workspace clean and in top condition can help you increase your productivity.

Latinas House Cleaning can help you keep your home office clean and disinfected. However, here you can find six steps to clean your office and reduce the number of germs.

1. Clean Your Desk

The writing needs a deep cleaning. Keep it tidy and in optimal condition. Clean it with a damp cloth and antibacterial spray. You can buy it or prepare the mixture yourself. Combining one part of water with white vinegar is a compelling mix to eliminate germs.
If your desk is wood and has stains, apply some baking soda with a damp cloth, rubbing gently. Then clean and dry.

2. Clean The Computer Screen

Your computer screen can have anything from fingerprints to residue from unexpected sneezes. Cleaning must be done very carefully to avoid scratching the screen. You can mix one part distilled water and one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then spray onto a soft microfiber cloth. I did not spread the mixture directly on the screen.

Turn off the screen. With the mixture on the cloth, clean the screen in circular movements without pressing hard. And finally, let the screen dry completely to turn it on.

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3. Clean The Keyboard

Many things accumulate on the keyboard, such as dust, hair, and food residues. They are becoming the germ-laden garage.

If your keyboard is wired, disconnect and if it is incorporated into the computer, make sure it is turned off. Start by placing the keyboard upside down so that the crumbs fall out. Next, use compressed air to remove the rest of the debris. Next, I rolled kitchen paper with a cotton swab, sprayed alcohol on the cotton, and cleaned each edge of her keyboard. Be careful not to apply the alcohol directly, as liquids are incompatible with electrical ones.

4. Vacuum The Desk Chair

Wipe down the chair with a cloth and cleaner, removing all stains. Next, wipe the chair’s arms, legs, and wheels with the rag, removing any accumulated dirt, so it doesn’t stain the floor. If the dirt has been adhered to with a toothbrush, you can scrub and clean it.

5. Clean The Shelf

Remove all the books, notebooks, and documents you have and clean them with a down from top to bottom. Next, open the books and dust them with a soft-bristled brush. Then with a damp cloth, clean the shelf and then dry them. Finally, he puts the books and notebooks back in their place.

6. Clean Light Switches

Wipe doorknobs, light switches, and cabinet handles with an antibacterial wipe. Unfortunately, we often touch these surfaces without thinking, and they accumulate dirt and batteries.

Weekly cleaning will keep them spotless.

Suppose you spend 10 minutes a week doing these cleaning tips. Then, you will always have a clean and pleasant office to work in.

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