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6 Expert Ways To Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

When your kitchen cabinets are originally placed, you are in wonder because they appear to be brand new, clean, and shining. New kitchen cabinets have rapidly become your attractive and practical companion; they are appealing to the eye while also providing enough storage space. The amount of use your cabinets get regularly can start to wear them down. The last thing you want is for your cabinets to start to look worn out; after all, kitchen cabinets are a significant investment, and you want to get the most out of them.

Install Cabinet Hardware

If your cabinet doors and drawers don’t already have knobs or handles, install them to help prevent greasy fingers from touching the wood surface. It’s much easier to clean a metal knob with all-purpose clean and a washcloth than it is to scrub grime off wood.

Use A Cabinet Shelf Liner

Different types of liners are available to help protect your cabinet and pantry shelves. They prevent freshly washed dishes from warping the shelf, and they’re easier to wipe clean than wood.

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Keep Doors & Drawers Closed

The best way to keep kitchen cabinets clean on the inside is never to leave them open. Grab what you need, and then close them. While some dust and crumbs may still find their way inside, the amount should be much lower. If your cabinet doors or drawers don’t close properly, have the hinges or drawer glides fixed as soon as possible.

Avoid Water Exposure

Wood and water don’t mix. It’s okay to clean with and immediately wipe up a water-based cleaning solution, but otherwise, keep moisture away from your wood cabinetry. This means you shouldn’t hang towels or washcloths over cabinet doors, and you should wipe up any spills or splatters right away. Failure to follow these tips could damage your cabinets and lead to wood rot.

Wax Your Cabinets

Every six months, apply wood furniture wax to provide a protective barrier for your cabinets. This helps prevent oil, grime, and other debris from sticking to and discoloring the wood. For smooth application, spray the wax onto a rag and rub over the entire surface of your kitchen cabinets.

Clean Your Cabinets With Vinegar

While the above cabinet cleaning tips help prevent grime and dust buildup, you can’t go forever without cleaning them. Fortunately, the best way to clean kitchen cabinets is simple, cheap, and chemical-free.

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