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6 Closet Cleaning Tips

There is no right time to clean out your closet. Whether you’re changing seasons, tidying up for the new year, or rebooting your wardrobe. Now is the perfect time to eliminate old clothes and complete a closet cleanout. Getting rid of old clothes gives you a fresh feeling. However, sorting clothes is daunting, especially if you don’t know how to clean your wardrobe or don’t know where to start.

If you feel identified, do not fear because these tips for cleaning your closet can guide you. Plus, we’ll give you some tricks to sort your clothes, minimize your wardrobe, and create an authentic look you’ll love.

1. Choose The Favorites

This cleaning technique will benefit people new to cleaning and need more time to decide which clothes to keep and which to get rid of.
You’ll need to start with the clothes you love and set the color for the purge. This can help make the choices easier. It’s like a road map to creating the perfect wardrobe. When you know which colors and styles you like the most, leave behind the things not aligned with you.

2. Ask Yourself The Right Questions

After you’ve selected your favorite clothes, ask yourself specific questions that will help you decide which clothes to get rid of and which to keep.
1. Is it a favorite?
2. Does it fit me?
3. Do I like the fabric?
4. Would you like me to use it in the future?
5. Do I feel fabulous when I wear this?

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3. Replace The Goalies Immediately

Many cleaning experts will tell you to put your favorite clothes in a storage box, but it’s easier to put them back in the closet. This saves you time, clears your way, and ensures the clothes you love aren’t accidentally thrown away.

4. Start With The Latest Clothes Of The Season

The beginning of a new season is ideal for cleaning and renewing your wardrobe. Let’s say winter is over, and you’re ready to clean your closet. You can ask yourself if there is something you don’t wear throughout the season.
If you have finished an entire season without wearing a garment even once, what are the chances you will use it in the future? So let go of the things you didn’t look for and make room for the clothes you wear and love.

5. Remove Duplicates

Could you quickly go through your closet and look for any duplicates? For example, it’s time to eliminate duplicates if you have two black blazers, several pairs of jeans in the same style, and six white shirts. It will make dressing more straightforward and free up space in your wardrobe.

6. Keep A Trash Can In Your Closet

It is a quick way to keep your closet tidy if you need more time.
Keep a bag, bin, or basket inside the closet. What you can do when you realize that there is an item of clothing that you no longer want is throw it in the clutter basket. You can then get rid of the things you don’t want.

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