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Tips For Cleaning Your Attic

Have you been restless, thinking it’s time to clean out the Attic? I am trying to remember how long ago was the last time you were in this space. Because it sits on top of the house, it’s a place to keep things we temporarily don’t want or need but aren’t ready to give away or vote for.

It’s time for you to clean out the Attic. It doesn’t have to be such a complicated task if you want it that way. Here we will give you some tips to turn this endless task into something you can handle.

You Have To Be Ruthless

If something in the Attic has been around for a long time, you haven’t used it in a while, which means you could get it out of there. However, you may find it challenging to get rid of things. In that case, you have several options, donate them to a store, publish your product to sell it, or give it to your family, friends, or neighbors.

The items in the Attic can be organized into three piles: to keep, give away and throw away if you have memories of your family, like old photo albums or children’s homework. You can find them a suitable place on the first floor or digitize the photos or paintings so you can share them with others.

Wipe The Dust

If you clean your Attic infrequently, it’s probably full of dust. There will also be lint and mold, among others. So get ready to clean up and wear old clothes and a dust mask. You can get it at a hardware store.
An electrostatically charged duster works great for cleaning every inch of the Attic’s windows, wood beams, walls, and other parts. However, if the duster gets too dirty, clean it before proceeding. Finally, you must make sure that you cover everything with lighting fixtures, fans, and hard-to-reach areas.

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Vacuum, Then Sweep

When there is too much dust, a broom spreads more dust and debris than it will clean. That is why it is better that you start with a vacuum cleaner. First, pick up any large trash getting in the way of cleaning, then vacuum the entire room.

You need to consider the type of vacuum you use. Some have high-efficiency bags with a filter. Those work great. The good thing about vacuum cleaners is that they collect mites, dead insects, and allergens that we cannot see with the naked eye but do intervene in our health.

Beware Of Dangers

Mold and dust found in the Attic attract insects and rodents. Mold can come in various colors, from gray and black to orange, brown, green, or white. If you detect any musty smell, mold is likely growing there.
If you find any pests, you should call a professional to take care of pest control. Another risk you could find is a nest of bees. But, again, keep your distance and call the professionals if you find it.

Take Some Preventive Measures

Take the time to check if you have any problems with the sealant. Check the windows well if you have any drafts or any open space. It can bring you issues such as increasing your heating and air bills and placing more work on your unit.

Sort The Items That Belong To You

Since everything is out of the Attic, you must start organizing them after you initially left the things you didn’t need.
You can keep items well organized in boxes or large plastic containers to avoid exposing them to elements that could damage them. It will also help you store, optimize and take advantage of space.

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