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Tips and advice on how to stop the fridge from smelling bad!

There’s nothing quite as disturbing as getting ready to prepare a meal and opening a fridge to find unidentifiable bad smells! Not only does your appetite disappear, it often takes too long to find out what’s causing the stench. Is there spoiled food? A spill on the bottom shelf? Mold growing behind the door?

Unfortunately, the source of bad smells can be hard to track down. So here are some simple tips to help you keep your fridge smelling divine and rid of those unwanted smells for good.

– Get Organised

If you organize the foods in your fridge, you can ensure they are stored at the optimum temperature and are kept fresh – and smell-free – for longer.
Contrary to popular opinion, you should not keep your milk, cheese, or other dairy products in the door. That’s because the fluctuation in temperature can cause food to decay very quickly.

Additionally, make sure your foods have room to ‘breathe’; a tightly packed fridge will cause food to rot more quickly as the air cannot circulate it.
Store meat on the bottom shelf and make sure meat products are always tightly wrapped or stored in a sealed container.

– Make an Odour Absorber

Baking soda is ideal for absorbing unwanted smells, and it’s also very inexpensive. If there’s a smell in the fridge that you can’t track down, baking soda will help to remove it until your cleaner’s next visit.

Make a simple homemade absorber by putting some baking soda in a cup or pot, covering it with a lid or cling film, and pop it in the fridge’s door. The lid needs to have a few holes so the powder can get to work and absorb any smells.

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For powerful smells, add some vanilla or lavender to the powder to create a pleasant smell when you open your fridge.

– Treat Yourself to New Tubs

New tubs and baskets really help keep the fridge clean and tidy. Using inexpensive plastic containers, you can organize different products and control the odors coming from within. In addition, baskets will prevent food from slipping down the back of the fridge and decaying.

For stronger smelling foods such as cheese, use tubs with lids so that you can seal in smells that otherwise might escape when you open the door. You are also more likely to catch any accidental spillages or crumbs in the tub rather than on your fridge shelf, making it easier for your cleaners. As an added benefit, a good tub helps keep your foods fresher for longer.

– Keep fresh foods visible.

Don’t tuck your fruits and veggies away in a drawer if you’re going to forget about them! Instead, keep them on the top shelf, so you see them every time you open the door. This way, you’ll be more aware of when they’re going bad and can eat them before they go to waste.

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