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Steps To Remove Stubborn Soil From The Outside Of Cabinets

Clean your kitchen counter and mop your kitchen floors every day. Your kitchen cabinets may get extra attention, but it is necessary. They are exposed to dirt, dust, grease, and other cooking residues throughout the day. Over time all these elements adhere, harden, and become a sticky mixture that is difficult to remove.

Dirty cabinets can be a health risk. Some bacteria can contaminate cabinet handles and knobs. Dirt should not accumulate where food is stored.

Here we tell you several tips so you can perform simple and regular maintenance on your cabinets.

1. Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Most cabinets can be cleaned with liquid dish soap and warm water. This simple, gentle blend removes food stains, grease buildup, and dust. In addition, dish soap works great as a degreaser and can even remove some advertisements on the outside.

2. Work From The Top Down

Start at the top and work your way down each cabinet. For heavy-duty cabinets, you can directly spray the solution. Otherwise, I spread on a cleaning cloth and then wiped down the cabinets. Remember the sides of the cabinets.

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3. Clean The Cleaner

Rinse well with another cloth before toweling dry your cabinets. Since excess water can discolor and damage the cabinets.

4. Clean Handles And Knobs

For the metal parts of wood cabinets, dip a toothbrush into a mixture of vinegar and warm water and scrub the hardware, the wood around it, and the crevices of the ornamental molding. If you can remove the hardware before cleaning it, it will be much better.

5. Eliminates The Accumulation Of Fat

Often the accumulation of fat is a sticky orange or yellowish substance, which can be seen, but is very difficult to remove. However, an orange oil cleanser can help you in this daunting task, especially if you let it sit for 4 minutes. After that, it can be repeated several times.
You can gently scrub the affected area with baking soda, water, and a toothbrush. Depending on your cabinets, a magic eraser may be a good option. Magic erasers can scrub the surface finish. Try it in a hidden spot in cabinets first.

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