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6 Simple Habits To Keep Your Home Clean & Healthy

I’ve found that by establishing some simple daily habits, I can keep on top of the chaos and clutter and dirt so that cleaning takes half the time. Some of these I’ve learned from my Mom, and some just from experience in intentionally creating a naturally healthy, simple and decluttered home.

These daily habits will take only a few minutes of your time but will save hours later on.

1. Make the bed every morning.

It not only keeps your home tidier but also reduces your stress level and promotes happiness. Take two minutes every morning and get in the habit of making your bed (or have your partner do it if they’re the last one out!)

2. Make it a daily habit to put things away where they belong to save yourself time and stress later.

When you see something amiss, pick it up and take it immediately to where it belongs, rather than letting things pile up. Keep a basket near the stairway to toss items that go up or down stairs to save a few extra steps.

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3. Wash the dishes every night, and put them away every morning.

Whether you hand wash and leave dishes to drip dry like me or you use the dishwasher, get in the habit of cleaning all dishes in the evening and putting them away in the morning. Waking up to clean dishes and coming home to a neat and clean kitchen after the workday will help you to relax.
Turn this chore into a meaningful habit by combining it with music, or meditating to a guided app, or repeating a positive mantra. And use a natural dish soap that appeals to the senses and smells amazing!

4. Keep cleaning supplies in every bathroom for quick and easy access.

With easy to grab cleaners and towels you can quickly polish up a sink and with toilet wands available you can easily swish out a toilet. If you have to go to another part of the house to grab supplies first, you’ll be more likely to put off cleaning or simply forget to do it.

5. Toss in a load of laundry in the morning, move it to the dryer and use a timer to remind.

yourself to remove items and immediately fold, hang and take to the proper location. Keep laundry moving along and you’ll avoid ironing and laundry pile ups.

6. Tidy Up Before Bed.

Have a quick ten-minute tidying session before everybody goes to bed. Make one pass through the entire house and tidy up any out of place items.
Pick up the socks you kicked off because your feet got too warm, the empty glass and napkin from your bedtime snack.

Straighten the couch cushion where you stretched out, fold the throw blanket, and put the remotes back in the basket.

You’ll be able to go to bed with a clear mind knowing your house is clean and tidy.

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