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6 Easy Tips to Organize the Bathroom

I’ve never been a morning person, so I’m all in when it comes to anything that will help make our morning routines run smoother. Having an organized bathroom can really help to speed things up when it comes to getting ready and it makes cleaning up so much easier. It’s also much more relaxing to start {and end!} the day in a clutter-free, calming bathroom space. And who couldn’t use a little more relaxation in their day?

But, there are steps you can take to minimize your potty time — at least the cleaning part.

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1. Simplify the decor.

Pretty is as pretty does. If the decorations in your bathroom take up your time in straightening, dusting, and other maintenance, you might consider downsizing. A bare-bones bathroom is less cluttered and therefore, easier to clean. You don’t have to throw it all out, just find items that don’t demand your time or care.

2. Simplify your tools and cleaners.

Sometimes we make something so easy, so very complicated. Most bathrooms don’t need five different cleaners to do the job. Seek out multipurpose cleaners that can serve a number of purposes. Find the bottom line that works for you and stick to it.

3. Use the inside of cabinet doors for storage.

You can gain a ton of extra storage in your bathroom by using the inside of your cabinet doors. Use over-the-door organizers to hold a variety of items or hair styling products. Command Hooks work great to hang face towels or cleaning cloths and can easily be removed if you want to change things up. I love these toothbrush organizers to keep the boys’ toothbrushes out of sight but still easily accessible. They just stick directly to the cabinet door and the main piece pops out for easy cleaning.

4. Remove kid stuff that’s just taking up space.

If you’ve got bath toys coming out of your ears, consider paring down. Can’t part with the collection? Relegate some of them to the beach or park bag for play in another venue. Stow the best of the best bath toys in an easy-to-clean-up way.

5. Set up daily habits for cleaning.

Since I have so many helpers, I put them to work. Each of the bigger boys is responsible to wipe the bathroom counter and tidy one bathroom every day. Having daily upkeep helps keep the messes and grunge at bay and affords an easier cleaning time once a week when we do a bigger scrubbing.

6. Lock the door.

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. The last five homes we’ve lived in have had 3-4 bathrooms, way more than we’ve needed most of the time. When convenient, I’ve cleaned a seldom-used bathroom and locked the door behind me. This consolidates usage to other bathrooms and freed me from cleaning at least the bathroom each week.