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4 Ways to Clean Up Your Site For The New Year

I know we haven’t officially finished all the winter holidays yet, but they’re quickly on their way out. Sorry. That means it’s time to get your site ready for the New Year. Below is a checklist of some of the things you should be looking at as we ring the New Years bell and head into 2021. You don’t want to start 2021 off already looking out of style, do you? Your competitors won’t be.

1. Remove the holiday images

I know, they’re cute and make you feel festive, but by Monday these should be gone. Keeping up your
Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever logos makes it looks like your site is still on vacation and that customers should go elsewhere for timely service. That’s not the message you want to send. It’s time for Santa to go back into hibernation.

2. Fix your copyright dates

You have a bit more time on this one, but don’t forget to change your copyright dates to reflect the New Year and any changes that may have occurred since 2009. [Also don’t forget to renew any licenses that may need renewing…] This is important site maintenance that makes sure your butt is covered for 2010 and is especially important for online retailers where an old date may work as a negative trust signal.

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3. Time of Year

Allergy season can be the worst time of year for allergens in the office. Getting regularly cleanings by an office cleaning company can keep those allergens out of the office all season long. Having floors and surfaces cleaned regularly can rid your office of lingering particles trapped in the carpet or floors. And, keeping these particles in check can cut down on allergic reactions.

4. Redesign

This isn’t likely something you can tackle before the New Year hits, but ask some fresh eyes to take a look at your site. Is it still professional looking and giving off the image you want? If not, this may be something you’ll want to start thinking about improving this year.

Things are probably pretty slow right now which makes it the perfect time to do some thorough site maintenance. The start of a new year is the perfect time to shake the dust off and give your site a fresh coat of paint. Make the changes now that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition all year. Or at least until February.