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How to Clean Leather Car Seats

If you want a great interior for your car, you must clean your car seats from time to time. These Leather car seats are very comfortable and look luxurious. Most people neglect their car’s interior. Most of us don’t even care about our leather seats. However, keeping your car’s interior clean, mainly the glistening leather seats, can make your car stand out. The main reason that your leather seats get dirty, is the surface dirt. Therefore, it is very important to remove the surface dirt and condition the leather seats regularly. While this whole procedure may sound laborious, this is actually a pretty simple task. You don’t need to call upon a professional, to clean your seats, you can do it yourself by following these simple steps.

What Cleaning Products Should I Use on My Car’s Leather?
If Quickly Cleaning Leather: Use a damp colorless microfiber or gentle terry cloth towel to remove dust.
For a Deeper Clean: You can use warm water with a bit of gentle soap (or, better yet, a specially made leather cleaner) to provide top-notch leather seat care to your vehicle’s upholstery. Check your owner’s manual for recommendations. But AVOID using these things at any cost:
– Harsh household cleaners, detergents, or surfactants
– Dark clothes or anything that could stain your upholstery
– Furniture polish
– Sharp objects that may scratch

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Vacuum clean the seats

If you can see large specks of dust, in the seats of your car, then a vacuum cleaner can do a great job. It can suck up the particles of dust and can clean your seats of dry dust. Be careful, not to scratch up your seats. An air compressor can also do the work, for small particles which get locked in between the curves of the seat. The air compressor can blow out the dirt between the seat fissures.

Removing the surface dirt

When your seats are really dirty, you can see blackish spots all over the leather. Moreover, as leather holds the dirt, the blackish spot on your glistening leather seat, can be seen clearly. Seats may also get dirty over time, because it is very common that, dirt will get accumulated over time. Now, in these cases, spray a cleaner into the seats, and wipe it with a microfiber towel. Before spraying anything, you may consult the owner’s manual for reference. There are many cleaners today in the market in the genre of leather cleaner, mild leather soap, saddle soap. While you may use a cleaner by buying it from the market, you can also make a cleaner at home. Adding one part of Vinegar with two parts of linseed oil, and then shaking it may also result in a great leather cleaner.

Deep clean with a brush

If you have a pet in your house, you may have this soft-bristled brush. If you don’t, you can buy it from the market. Spray your cleaner onto the seats, and then gently scrub the brush, on the seat. This will stir, the dust particles, and It will come out of the fissures, and onto the surface. If you are not really sure about the authenticity of the spray, avoid directly spraying into the leather seat, as that might damage the leather, instead, spray into the brush, and then gently scrub the leather seat with the brush. After you have scrubbed with the brush, it’s time to dry the seat. Take a microfiber cloth, and wipe it dry. Wipe the seats clean, afterward again with the microfiber cloth, and you will see that oil, grime, and dirt on the piece of cloth.

Should I Use Leather Conditioner in My Car?

Yes — using leather conditioner after you’ve cleaned your leather car seats is an essential step of automotive leather seat care! But why exactly should you use a leather conditioner? Similar to how hair conditioner works on the human scalp, leather conditioner provides leather seats with essential oils and moisture. It seals the seats, preventing premature cracking and keeping leather luxurious and supple. Most conditioners also have some degree of UV protection.

Use your conditioner

Spray a little bit of conditioner in a specific part of your seat, and gently rub it around with a microfiber cloth. Be cautioned not to spray more than a few drops. More conditioner will make it stick to the leather, and hence it will appear sticky or greasy. Even if, it is sticking, then you may take another microfiber cloth, and wipe the seat, to get rid of excess conditioner.

After the conditioning process is over, take a microfiber cloth, and buff the seats. Polishing the seats can help get rid of the excess conditioner in the seat. Gently polish with circular motions, and get every area, slowly, by getting rid of excess conditioner. Most of the leather seats, do not need daily conditioning. Conditioning for twice or thrice a year is enough.

You will notice the difference after following these steps of Cleaning and Conditioning. The sparkling leather seats will again be soft, supple, and will look like new. The sparkling leather seats will obviously differentiate your car from the other cars.