Easy microwave cleaning

Microwaves can be a blessing from heaven when we are in a hurry, but those soups sure can splatter all over the place! I will give credit where credit it due for this amazing trick (thank you Amanda!) to cleaning a microwave in a couple swipes of a cloth and best of all, with NO chemicals! You’ll be amazed how easy this is!

In a microwave safe bowl, add water and a lemon that has been halved or quartered. (Make sure to leave an inch or so at the top of the bowl so your water doesn’t boil over!)

Microwave the water for 3-5 minutes and let sit for 5 minutes. Remove the bowl and with a damp cloth, wipe clean! The water will create a steam as it boils and the steam will break down any food particles that are on the surface. The acid from the lemon also aids in breaking down the particles (plus it smells good!). If your microwave is really yucky and this doesn’t work the first time, just repeat the cycle.

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You can use other citrus in place of the lemon if you don’t have one on hand. For a little extra smell good, add a cinnamon stick to the water too.

Happy Cleaning!